Who I Am, Where I Came From

Today I wear purple because it is Thursday. A little known fact about me? I wear clothes each day based on the ruling planet of the day. I know, it’s weird, but I’m not, you know, un-weird.

I’m wearing purple today. Thursday is ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter’s  color is purple. Sunday is red-orange for the Sun, Monday is gray for the Moon, Tuesday red for Mars,  Wednesday is green for Mercury, Thursday is purple for Jupiter, Friday is pale pink, blue or green for Venus and Saturday is darkest blue or black for Saturn.

Just looked at my closet and I have planet clothes. That’s right, planet clothes. Except red, not got a lot of red in there. So  I’ve got to buy some or make some. Probably make them since GAH I have so much TIME!!!!!!!!

Back at the end of January, I was sitting in my chair – bored to tears – knitting something again – wondering if my life would EVER change or if this was it. I turned 66 in January and let me tell you, that birthday is scary. It’s 4 years until 70. I am not a 66-year-old. I am 15 inside. 

I asked myself, being my own favorite sounding board, what I wanted to do. I said get the hell out of this house, meet people, travel, have something interesting to do. Then I said, how do you do that. Hmm, self said. Well, self answered back, you won’t do anything sitting in that stupid chair – get back into life!!!!!!!!!


That conversation led to Marie Forleo’s B School after Janine from Uppercase Magazine just happened to send out a newsletter with how B School had helped her business. Coincidence? No, synchrodestiny all the way.

I signed up for B School on February 23. It has been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

Some of you coming from Ravelry who know me as a knitter, and those of you on Instagram who know I’m an art quilter/fabric dyer, will not necessarily know that I worked in Detroit, Michigan and Prince Edward Island as what I am basically. Basically I am a psychic. I know – don’t gasp. It is different I know. All of you are psychic, have strong intuition, but I just happen to have no cover over mine.

I am psychic and have been my whole life. I think it goes back to my Native American great-great grandmother Suzannah. She was given that name by my great-great-grandfather Ishom because he didn’t want her to leave him and walk the Trail of Tears. Instead he married her.

In Detroit I worked with two detective agencies looking for missing people and missing bodies. I even once gave information to the FBI and WHOA they called me back because I got the name of one of the suspects right on. The bodies were the worst, for me and the families. Their need to know was greater than their fear of knowing. We found people alive, we found bodies, we provided a service to people who were at the lowest point in their existence. My life was meaningful. 

I taught at adult education classes throughout the Metro Detroit area in classes known as Do Something Different. You’d sign up for a three week course and each week you’d get a different psychic. I was one of those. I read around 30 people at each class. They were numerology readings unless the student was an open channel and there was nothing I needed to speak to them about privately.

I finished my college degree and my Senior Essay Project was entitled “The Shadow of the Goddess”. I researched it all from books I bought at The Mayflower Bookshop owned by the most wonderful man on earth that I know, Robert Thibodeau, a magician, an astrologer and a talented songwriter and musician. And yes,  I’ve been around the block with my psychic ability, for sure.

It didn’t bother me when I was a child. I thought it was something everyone had, seeing auras around people, knowing when they were going to die, knowing when they weren’t nice people. Then I hit my teen-age years and it was awful. I didn’t know how to control it. Later on, I found out. A fellow psychic told me I was a healer and told me how to protect myself from picking up not information, but emotions and physical pain. Seems I would take on whatever those around me were feeling. Not good. If they had a headache, I got it. If they had the cramps, I got it. If they were depressed, angry, disgusted, upset, I got it. I took it all. I just absorbed all their pain.

I do no go around reading people’s minds. I had an acquaintance in Detroit who though I could read hers and she would leave the quilt shop whenever I came in. My friend, the owner told me why and I almost died laughing.

No, your mind is your own. I read the Mind Stream Continuum or the Conscious Field or the Field of All Possibilities – same place, differing names. It just happens to contain all you need to know and when I sit quietly and focus on you, I see things.

I was raised in the Protestant religion. I left when I was 13 because their God was an angry god and mine wasn’t. I explored various other religions but didn’t come across the one that spoke to me until I turned 33.  But when I found it? My life blossomed. I knew I was home. I cried when I worshipped God and I worshipped God with every second of my day.

Now I practice Bhakti Yoga which is one of the 4 paths to enlightenment. It is the Yoga of the Chant. By calling the Name of God, I am uplifted to His presence and he guides my every action. Bhakti Yoga gave me what I so needed. I practice my spiritual path daily without fail. My favorite Kirtan Wallah is Krishna Das and if you’ve never listened to him, do. I will put a video here so you can see what I mean. Good old country boy gone rogue!

Krishna Das

And there you have it. The Self Powered Life was born. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you’ll receive a 6 month free premium membership, 10% off all service, preferred scheduling AND a free reading sent to your email (after I get your birthdate!) So why wait? 

And for my Ravelry and quilting buddies, all that good stuff will be there too. That part of me is never going away …………

Namaste, Jennifer

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