When You Encounter Negativity and Thoughtless Hate

Life is kind of like a quilt. There are all sorts of colors, different fabrics, different textures, all stitched together. But now we have this Internet world and life isn’t as easy or as polite as it used to be.

I’m a product of the 50s and 60s. When I grew up you got in BIG trouble for not being polite. I mean BIG trouble. I remember going to the county fair and acting up about something and my mother telling me I was going to get it when we got home. And I got it. I behaved in public. I didn’t snot off at people.

This morning I replied to someone looking for feedback on her business idea on our B School 2018 Group. I got an immediate reply from someone else, accusing me of being insulting and IGNORANT. LOL if I am anything, it is not ignorant. And why would anyone say that to someone? That’s unkind.

That’s exactly what not being self realized, spiritually enlightened or even a Child of God acts like. Someone who thinks a stranger is ignorant is not a person who is open to ideas, not a person who wants to grow and learn. If I were insulted every time someone said something negative about psychics, I would have imploded years ago.

So what do you do when you encounter this? You don’t suffer in silence. I politely replied to her that my situation may have been different from hers. (I was a homeschooling parent and she was a public school teacher – hence the tension) and that not all school districts are alike. However, I did not intend to be insulting nor am I ignorant. And then I left the group.

I walk away from situations that I don’t need. Frankly I am a busy person. I have more to do than I can even think about. I seldom get it all done. I’m not going to hangout on Facebook and try to help and then get slammed. I don’t need it. 

Situations such as Facebook and other social media that are routinely negative and mentally harmful are a waste of time. Look at the number of people who are trashed on Twitter! Now that’s an eye opener. You can destroy someone in 140 characters these days across the world ……….. no. Thanks, I’ll pass.

The next and final step in this drama is to forgive the person who pissed you off. It’s not personal. This lady is an ex school teacher and school teachers notoriously hate homeschoolers like the plague. All I had to say was that I homeschooled my son and she saw red. When I said I didn’t want him brain dead at 17, she blew. Well good. But her response was over the top. So I just sat here and figured she’s unhappy, can only identify with her former job and doesn’t have a secure identity of herself as a spiritual being. And I forgive her.

I know she’ll get to where she accepts everyone once she understands that we are all just part of The One. God or Buddha or Brahma or Krishna or Christ, however the term you choose fits ……… we’re all THAT. And we’re all on a spiritual path, whether we know it or not.


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