What Cycle Are You In?????????

Number cycles run from 1 to 9, just as our numbers do before they turn into double digit numbers. Although, you know, it is possible to be in a double digit cycle too. I’ll tell you how.

When I’m working with my clients, before I do their Life Path and Yearly Cycle number, I usually am able to do a complete personality profile and calculate their Destiny number, the number which corresponds to their birth name.  That is calculated using their complete name, i.e., first, middle and last. In the case of a married woman no longer using her maiden name, I’ll use both last names, the birth name and the married name. Each shows similarities and yet differences as she married, became a somewhat different person.

As an example, my birth name gave me the Soul number of 43/7 – a mystical person, not particularly “in” the world but more interested in things not seen. My birth name also gave me the personality of a 13/4, someone very much down to Earth, in the world, a builder, someone who wants to change things. 

In order to obtain my Destiny number, we add those two numbers together. So 43 and 13 are 56. Now we have to reduce that down, but you will see it adds up to 11. This is a master number, as are all the double digit numbers with the same digit, like 11, 22, 33, 44, 55. At your best, when you are operating from your soul level, you are the master number. When life has got you down a little, when you’re not being yourself, you’re going to act like the single digit life path number – in my case a 2.

Let’s see what numerologysecrets.net has to say about a person with a number 11 Destiny.

Destiny number 11 (aka ‘expression number 11’) is interesting because it can be reduced to a two under certain conditions. This vibration is considered a master number. Throughout life, it will become clearer as to which category people fall. Generally speaking, an 11 is a more positive destiny number than a two, and there is some contention among people on when to change an 11 to a two.

Throughout life, 11s will walk a path of spiritual enlightenment, and they will inspire others. Elevens are the most intuitive of all the numbers, and will understand the unique aspects of all the relationships around them. Many will live in the limelight and raise spiritual awareness because they are so sensitive to others.

No kidding. Hmm. I’d say I’m in the right place, nicely working with what I was given.

There are more number things to be discovered. Like the Life Path number and then what Cycle you are in. The yearly cycle is a good one because it lets you know what sorts of things are going to operate easily for you and which are not. Then you can plan your year, making sure to emphasize those things that are GOING to work.

Again we’ll use me as an example. My birthdate adds up to 5 + 17 or a 22. There it is again. A master number. Let’s see what seventhlifepath.com has to say about a 22.

Life Path Number 22

22 is considered the one of the most powerful of all the numbers. Those with a Life Path number 22 have great spiritual understanding, and the ability to apply knowledge in a practical way. They have the potential to achieve enormous success,  with a unique talent for manifesting ideas into reality, and as such are often referred to as Master Builders. You are a great visionary and have the intuitive insights of the 11, combined with the practical nature of the 4. If not practical, someone with this number can waste their potential. This individuals’ goals are outside of their personal self as this person strives to serve the greater good of humanity.
That’s pretty flowery, but it’s mostly true. I’m a spiritual person before I’m anything else. I also tend not to be particularly practical so I can waste my potential getting caught up in lots of things. I am a dreamer. And I have some planets that play around with this theme too. Between my numbers and my chart, if I wasn’t psychic I wouldn’t be here. It is almost the only part of me and it has grown larger with each year. Sometimes I wonder if I live to be 80, what will I be seeing then?????????
Now for the yearly cycle numbers. They start to operate on changes in your life 6 weeks before they actually change, or 6 weeks before your birthday. I have down to the very day when my cycle starts to vibrate with change. Right now, this year I am in a 16/7 cycle. One stands for the individual and I will be motivating myself this year to do things my way. The 6 is my daily life, work and health and just general get up and do it every day.
But 7? 7 is special. Seven is the number of looking inside, analyzing everything, using your intuition and emotion. It is also a year of reflection and research and a quieter, more introspective year than any of the others. You won’t see a lot of achievements in a 7 cycle, not material achievements. But if you’re not looking for material achievements anyway, it will not be a disappointing year. 
And that’s where I’m at. I knew at the outset that this was a sowing year for me, not a reaping. Last year was about trying to set myself a daily routine, getting back into life since my husband died, trying to come to terms not with being a widow so much, but with finding out how LONELY it was being a widow. All of those things you say when you’re eating dinner or watching TV or cleaning the house – you can’t do that anymore because nobody’s there. I used to look at his picture every morning and cuss him up one side and down the other. He would expect that, having been married to me for 36 years.
This is the first year since his death that his death doesn’t seem the most important thing that ever happened in my life. It has receded. It has become a natural part of life and I wouldn’t have wanted him to live one second longer in the horrible condition he was in. So I’m at peace with it. And now I can move on with what I have left in my life. And this year, I’ll just be contemplating that. 
Namaste, Jennifer


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