Uranus/Sun Conjunction April 18, 2018

And today it happened. The Uranus/Sun Conjunction in Aries. Let’s talk about Aries, one of my favorite subjects for reasons which will soon be disclosed. LOL.

Aries is the sign that begins the Zodiac. He is rough and tough and loves a good fight. If you go through a couple of weeks without a fight with an Aries, congratulate yourself. He/she will not be instigating that fight, not in their minds anyway, but they will goad you until you see nothing but red. Hold that thought. Since Aries is ruled by Mars, red is a good color to keep in your mind when dealing with the Ram. Keep the energy, keep the strength of that color within you. It will come in handy if your Aries friend/lover/enemy isn’t going to wear you down.


We all know about the Sun. The giver of life, the bringer of light, the beacon that keeps our planet on track and keeps us alive. The representative of our ego, the individual, the separate self. The sun shows us who we are, who we truly are and guides us in that becoming. 

Uranus is just a lovely planet. Let me just say that.  Since he rides up there in the sky conjunct my mid-heaven at birth, opposite my Sun, square Jupiter and my Moon in Aries and square Saturn, Neptune and Mars in Libra, I’ve learned a lot about Uranus in my life time. I have this thing called a Grand Square in my chart. Made for heavy lifting when I was younger, not so much now.

Edgar Cayce taught us that whichever planet is closet to your mid-heaven (the top of your chart) is the planet from which you came to Earth in this incarnation. Well, I’m a Uranian. 

Uranus has a hand in speeding up, making energetic, putting the pedal to the metal, getting going, changing things always, never stopping, electricity sparking everywhere and not ever stopping no matter how tired you get energy. Oh yes, and computers and genius and music and art. Anything creative that needs a spark, gets it from Uranus.

Now we have Uranus and the Sun conjunct each other in the headstrong sign of Aries. Uranus being a bit headstrong and the Sun reflecting that glow of light that shows us who we truly are? I think you can sit back and see if maybe you don’t get more than one flash of inspiration today and those to follow. There will be more Uranus/Sun Conjunctions to learn from. Only one a year so if you get tired of all this rebellion and free living? Don’t worry. In a few days you can rest for a year. The Sun moves fast.

Namaste, Jennifer

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