The Tool Doesn’t Matter ……..

One of my most loved clients is a chiropractor who saved my life. I mean seriously, he saved my life from excruciating pain. How I came to put my back out, I don’t know. But I do know he fixed it and kept fixing it. 

He had some heavy things happening in his life. Falling in love, work issues, things he couldn’t control that he felt limited his ability to do his job. He wanted me to read him, but he was a scientist.

His favorite joke when I would go to his office, he would tell reception to make me guess which room to go to. LOL. He did this every time I went until I yelled at him that I was saving my gift for non-jokers. Then he shut up.

So he wanted a reading. He did not want a Tarot reading. He wanted me to read his chart because the scientist in him could see that the stars were in a pattern in the sky when he was born. He believed in stars. Not in Tarot cards.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him that it didn’t matter which tool I use, the information comes to me from the same Source, the One Source, the Mind Stream Continuum or the Conscious Field, whichever term you want to use. I just went along and read his chart.

There are skeptics everywhere. I will never forget my dear mother, standing in my kitchen helping me do dishes and me telling her about the previous owner of the house who had died 34 years ago but was still here. She put her finger up to her head and twirled it and rolled her eyes. My son was in the kitchen too and he said, “No Grandma he really is here.” Then Mom’s eyes got big. Hmm. She’d believe her grandchild over her daughter? Absolutely!

My son and I described him and how he walked around the outside of the house on the second story. Well there was only a small balcony in the front and it sure didn’t wrap around the house. He loved the trees he had planted because they were huge. He loved his garden and his swimming pool. He loved the whole place so much he never left and I didn’t want him to.

After giving my reading to my doctor, he never once charged me for a visit again. When he left (I cried so bad the day he told me he was leaving) his replacement asked me why Dr. So and So hadn’t charged me. I explained I was his psychic. The new doctor looked at me like I was from outer space. I switched doctors in the practice.

It is not necessary to believe that I can see what’s happening in your life. It isn’t necessary for you to believe that I can help. It isn’t necessary for you to even believe in God although if you do you’ll be tons happier. It is only necessary that you ask. The action of asking for a reading is all that is required for me to head to the Continuum and let you know what is happening, what will happen and how you can live your most fulfilled life. 

Namaste, Jennifer


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