Namaste.  I am so pleased you are here.  I  worked as a psychic consultant/astrologer/spiritual guide since 1987. I have taught adult education classes in my field, am an inspiring public speaker, writer and I lead meditation trainings.

The Self Powered Life is a life led entirely from within yourself, without the necessity of any other person’s good or bad opinion of you, without you feeling “less than” someone else and with you BEING FEARLESS.

I provide astrological chart interpretations and psychic readings, including the following:

Whole Life – either by phone or chat. You are provided with a transcript of the reading. This covers your birth chart, your progressed chat at the moment and your solar return chart all in one. 

Cost is $250, $225 for Members*

Natal or Birth Chart interpretation is all about your personality, your desires, the areas in which you may struggle, how you can work around those areas and where your greatest joy can be found.

Cost is $100, $90 for Members*

Progressed Chart is your birth chart progressed a day for a month of your life and shows what is operating in your life NOW, today. Invaluable for a more in-depth look at what is going on. 

Cost is $100, $90 for Members*

Solar Return Chart is a the chart of the day of each year when your Sun returns to the degree and minute it was at your birth. This can be the day before or the day after your birthday. This shows you the way your year will play out and how you can maximize the effects of your Solar Return.

Cost is $100, $90 for Members*

Psychic readings over the phone or chat. We are connected just by the desire to give and receive love and information. The reading will give you the answers you are looking for, whether they are what you want, or not. You will be mailed a copy of the transcript of the reading. Each reading lasts approximately one hour and must be scheduled at least a week in advance. Premium members 

Cost is $75, $67.50 for Members*

  • An email is all you need to arrange for these services. After the scheduling I will send you a PayPal invoice to pay for the readings. You may contact me at:

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**Sign up includes a free report detailing your year and what to expect, tailored especially for you!

***5% of all sales go to Leila Janah’s