The Field of All Possibilities

The field of all possibilities. Doesn’t that sound marvelous? It is. And you can jump into it, choose those possibilities YOU want. I’m not going to oversimplify this. It’s not easy getting to the point where you CAN jump in. But when you do, it’s worth every moment you spent training yourself.

I started trying to access the field way back in 1973. That was when a man I’d met gave me Be Here Now by Ram Das. Frankly it didn’t make a lot of sense to me. Not then. I was confused, in a state of major depression, life was horrible and I couldn’t concentrate on being here now. I was barely there then.

I wasn’t ready for Ram Das then. Hell Ram Das wasn’t ready for Ram Das then! You just got to love that he got all of that out of him and some 50+ years NOW it makes sense. 

Be Here Now, Mindfulness, Awareness, Living in the Moment. These all mean the same thing. They mean do not sit and let your mind wander back to episodes of your past and gnaw them to death. Don’t sit and worry about a month from now or a day from now or a second from now. Be Here. Just Be Here. Concentrate your whole mind on staying in the moment. We don’t have a future and we don’t have a past. The past is a ghost and the future a dream ……. let those go. Stay here.

What happens when you train yourself to stay here? God comes down and puts his arms around you and says “Hey kid, we’re going places, you and I.” And you do. He takes hold of you and He shows you what you’ve wanted your whole life and could never find. He’s with you now …….. as He always was …….. but see you were in the past and the future and couldn’t pay attention to Him. You were blocking out God with all that guilt and worry.

Then you and God start having some heavy conversations. Like you say “God, this is what I want in my life.” and He says, “Is that good for just you or everybody else in the world? Because you’re not hear for just you, you know.”

And then you look a little sheepish and think of something YOU want and need that will also help other people. Because we’re not here to do anything else, you see. We are only here to help others. That’s all there is. If it isn’t helping others, you’re not doing anything. You’re just marking time until God sends down Death and says “Let her go, she didn’t get it this time.”

To be continued ……………. Namaste, Jennifer



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