Put It Down – Put It All Down

Put it down. Everything. All the burdens you’re carrying today, the ones you’ve carried your whole life, the people you know, their opinions on what you should do, how you should act, who you should be. The approval you never got from your parents, the approval you’ve looked for everywhere else since then, the need you seem to have to make peace wherever you go even when you want to tell somebody off because they’re being rude and obnoxious but you just smile and walk away. 

Put down that desire you have for a partner, someone to talk to, ease the loneliness, keep you from going off your head at night wondering if the only voice you’ll ever hear is your own inside your head running in circles. Put it all down.

Put down the idea that what you are and who you are and where you are RIGHT NOW THIS VERY MOMENT isn’t exactly where you should be and isn’t perfect. Because there are no accidents in this God’s Universe. He put you right here, right in this spot for a reason. He’s smart, He’s not going to tell you the reason. He wants you to do some work, after all. But He wants you to recognize that you have to be happy right now, this minute, not when you get that partner or find that job or make that first million, BUT RIGHT NOW. And He wants you to put everything else DOWN. Drop it. Like hot potato time drop it.

Happiness flows in when it’s not blocked by ‘WHAT IF’  and ‘WHY CAN’T I’ all over the place. Cause see there are no conditions to being happy. If you’re going to be happy you’re going to be it RIGHT NOW. 

If you want Enlightenment, you can have it RIGHT NOW. No need to wait a thousand years or stand on one leg for 50 years or renounce every material thing you might need like toilet paper (okay throwing in a joke here). But I’m saying, it’s in front of you right now. It isn’t hiding anywhere. 

Put all that garbage down. It’s blocking your VISION. ………………..

Namaste, Jennifer


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