Mercury, The Messenger God

The planets are transiting our world every day, every minute, every second. They’re moving around Earth, some slowly, some fast. Some appear to be going backwards, although they’re not. It is just an APPEARANCE of backward motion. In the case of Mercury, in about 3 weeks he will appear to move forward again.

While Mercury is retrograde, there are certain predictable things that can happen. Mercury Symbol GlyphMercury is the mythological messenger of the Gods, delivering communications in a day to day manner. Mercury takes things apart, puts them back together and writes about it. Not an emotional planet, and think of this fact about the speech habits of someone with Mercury in Sagittarius. Bet you can’t guess who has this one.

Sag has a tendency to be blunt when speaking. There is no filter between their brain and their mouth, which is a shame because milder types can be turned off by Sag’s blunt speech. But it’s not all bad, Sag does not beat around the bush and you will never have to guess what they’re thinking. Just don’t try to play games with them because they don’t play and they will either burn you with their anger or just walk away. They always know when games are being played. Don’t play with them.

Oh yes, that’s me. One of my best friends has a Sagittarius sun. Now see I have Mercury in Sagittarius. We had lots in common, particularly creativity. But wow could we clash. She had absolutely no filter on her brain/mouth connection and while I am a peacemaker, if she pissed me off I just wouldn’t talk to her for MONTHS. I mean MONTHS. And she was one of my best friends! 

Right now, good old Messenger Mercury is tracking backwards through Aries. A little background here. Aries is a Cardinal sign which means on the wheel of life, it drives that wheel along with Libra, Capricorn and Cancer.

Aries is a fire sign. Ruled by Mars, the God of War, Aries is quick, effervescent and impatient. Get it done, get it done now is Aries motto. Not a shrinking violet, planets in your chart in the sign of Aries will lead whatever else is there.

Since Mercury is retrograde, he is moving backwards through Aries until he gets to 4 degrees, 47 minutes Aries on the 15th of April. Then he’ll appear to move forward again, riding over all those degrees from 4 degrees, 47 minutes to 16 degrees, 54 minutes, where he was when he started backing up.

Since Aries is in a Cardinal sign, Cardinal signs will have the most effect from this retrograde aspect. My Sun is in Capricorn and when Mercury hits 12 degrees 53 minutes Aries, he will directly square my Sun. No problem. I’ve lived with my Jupiter and Moon square my Sun my whole life. I got it.

When he hits 14 degrees 36 minutes, Mercury will be opposite my Saturn. Not good. This is a good time for me to keep my mouth shut. Oh sure, can I DO that?

At 11 degrees 55 minutes Aries, Mercury will directly square my Uranus in Cancer. Now see Uranus is one of my most important planets. It’s the one closest to my midheaven (more on that later) and I am definitely a Uranian. I am always putting on the gas. Lucky for me I’m a Capricorn, ruled by Saturn and Saturn puts them brakes on HARD so I don’t get carried away. BUT I WANT TO GET CARRIED AWAY. So there’s a conflict. Whatever, when Mercury hits that magical degree, there will be some fireworks, I can tell you. I can’t wait. (See astrologer rubbing her hands)

And then Mercury will move forward and hit all those points again. It will conjunct (be right on top of)  my Jupiter twice, oppose Saturn twice, square Uranus twice and square my Sun and conjunct my Moon twice. I will be reborn by the time this is over. 

I’ve mentioned my favorite magician before. Robert Thibodeau, author, musician and inspired psychic astrologer, Robert has a direct channel to the mind stream continuum. The last time he read me, he had me knowing what he was going to say before he said it. It was like a mind meld with Spock. Seriously.

If you follow him on Facebook (he says get over the security breach, it’s okay) then you’ll know that he writes about the stars and what’s up. Well when he let us know that whoops Cardinal signs are going to be most effected by this Mercury retrograde period, I commented that this ain’t good. Not good at all. He wrote me back – are you ready?

Perhaps you are reviewing what truly makes you happy
Oh my. Yes. Maybe I am. In my 2014 reading Robert had specifically told me TO QUIT FEELING SORRY FOR YOURSELF. He meant it. Sigh. Caught onto me. Insert sheepish grin here. So I’m not going to feel sorry for myself this Mercury retrograde. I might feel sorry for anyone who gets in my way though ………….
So if you’re a Capricorn, Libra, Aries or Cancer OR you have any planets in those signs, watch out for fireworks. He’ll be back to normal on the 15th. Until then, review what truly makes you happy.
Namaste, Jennifer


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