Mercury is Definitely Retrograde

Mercury has been retrograde for exactly 3 days and already he’s kicking my butt. It’s not that I can’t communicate right now, it’s that I don’t feel like being polite. Sorry.

I finally got around to doing some school work this morning. I’ve been so busy on other things I’ve had no time. Now I still have a bunch to do before Tuesday but I’m not feeling as behind as I felt before.

I did manage to spend the day in the studio and I finally got my quilt QUILTED. I didn’t do it the way I wanted to, but it’s done. I was going to cut up this one fabric I dyed for the binding but, no. It is so pretty, so many variations in the cloth that I decided to leave it and quilt it as a whole cloth quilt. 

There have been missed “conversations” with at least 4 people and that’s just today. They text, I’m not there or busy. I text, they’re not there or busy. It’s frustrating and frustration is Mercury’s middle name.

Sometimes Mercury retrograde doesn’t impact me until it starts going direct again. Not this time. No this time I’m getting smacked around 3 days into it. 

I had this super awesome friend on PEI. He was the ONLY normal person on PEI and if you listen to what I’m writing about you know I have a loose definition of normal and it includes people who believe in aliens. David, my buddy and friend always had something interesting to talk about. We both loved old books, I mean REALLY LOVED OLD BOOKS.

I collected rare books back in the day when I had money to do such a thing. Especially children’s illustrated books from the 1900s. I just loved them. Remember Eloise! Anyway David and I had books in common but we were also both mystical. And we could talk to each other about anything. I must admit Mr. Husband Person did not appreciate this. Until he got to know David and he like him too. So then he shut up about me talking to David.

Anyway just when we were about to move, I was complaining about some timing or something not being right, kind of like today’s timing is off. David looked at me with a shake of his head and said, “Don’t fight the World, Jen.”

Oh. Okay. I’ll have to put that on the refrigerator for the next 3 weeks. Do not fight the world. Do not fight the world. Do not fight the world. I’ll see if it works.

Namaste, Jennifer


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