Heavenly Fireworks

How are you all? I’ll bet there are a few of you looking at this page like you want to scream. You all go right ahead, I’m there with you.

This has BEEN a week. More like about three weeks when I wrote about Mercury going retrograde in Aries and what was going to go down .


And here’s what I said would happen for me:

“And then Mercury will move forward and hit all those points again. It will conjunct (be right on top of)  my Jupiter twice, oppose Saturn twice, square Uranus twice and square my Sun and conjunct my Moon twice. I will be reborn by the time this is over. “

I forgot to mention that Mercury would also be opposite my rising sign where resides Saturn, Neptune and Mars in conjunction.

Plus, at the same time, as we knitters see in patterns that are difficult, Mars and Saturn are conjunct in the sky riding around on my Sun in Capricorn. And pretty darned close to old Pluto there who’s been having a heck of a good time throwing up on my Sun and creating. And opposite my natal Uranus which makes for an interesting life. In a month, a whole life.

There’s an anger thing that has to do with the sign of the zodiac Mercury is transmitting right now. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and as such begins the whole wheel of life. Ruled by Mars, Aries is fiery, impatient, quick to anger and unstoppable. It is spitting fire all the time. 

Well. It was interesting, I will say that. If there is anyone in my life that hasn’t gotten angry with me this week, please raise your hand. And go ahead and raise it again because I intend to piss you off before Sunday.

If I’ve accomplished anything this week I think it’s hidden somewhere. I still have a major to do list but every day I’m acting like the General Master of the Universe and putting out fires. I need to resign that job.

Come Sunday, this will stop. Thankfully. If Mercury was doing this for another week I don’t think I could take it. My little brain is exhausted and running around about a thousand miles an hour. I kind of feel like a hamster on a wheel. Just going around in circles and not knowing why. I could whimper here but you guys don’t want to see a grown astrologer cry.

On Sunday, Mercury goes direct. And we have a New Moon in Aries to just put the icing on the cake. All of us Cardinal signs that have had such a rough 3 weeks will breathe a sigh of relief (that’s Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) and the rest of you will be glad to have a break from us ripping you a new you know what. So everybody will be happy. And then we’ll be dealing with the Sun conjunct Uranus ………. more about that fantastic combination later.

Namaste, Jennifer



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