Give Work

Full disclaimer – I haven’t read this yet. I am going to read this. I did have the opportunity to watch an episode of Marie Tv featuring Leila Janah and her unbelievable simple idea – to end poverty we only need to give the poor the dignity of a JOB. 

All of the money that is contributed by countries around the world to eradicate poverty has not worked. The poor are, if anything, poorer. We give them some food, we give them some attention for a time, we give them money. But we don’t give them a JOB. 

A job gives dignity, a sense of self-worth, a sense that you are doing something worth while, not just for yourself, but for your family. If a father cannot feed his children, what do you think his attitude toward life might be? And if a mother worries every day about her children, her husband and her extended family – what can she do but stand in line, hoping for a hand-out.

For my part, I believe in this so strongly that 5% of every chart interpretation or reading will go to

Forever. Not just for a month or a year. No. Forever. This is something we can do. We can do it together. This will work. I know it will. 

Namaste, Jennifer

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