Feeling the Blue Moon March 30


That was my day yesterday. Stupid mental gymnastics telling my head not to believe what my heart felt. There was a war going on inside of me. My Saturn side saying “Girl you are some kind of fucking stupid.” And my Mars side saying “But shit you love him so much.” It was horrible. 

I knew the Moon was waxing all this week even before I checked on the phase. I could feel it. I don’t sleep much before or during the Full Moon. I must be one of what the ancients called “lunatics” whose very being vibrated to the phases of the Moon. I’m pretty sure lunatic fit me yesterday.

There’s always a lot going on in the Heavens. Those pesky planets aren’t still for a minute – it must be exhausting for them. Right now we have the Blue Moon coming tomorrow at 8:37 am EST. Good I’m up then. I’ll look at it and ask it why it has to shake the foundations of my life like this. I may even tell it to shut up.

The planets are putting on a show for us now. Mercury, the Messenger God, is retrograde at 14 degrees Aries, Saturn and Mars are coming close to perfect conjunction in Capricorn and that lovely Blue Moon will be at 11 degrees Libra. 


All of these square each other, except of course the Moon and Mercury which are opposite each other. There’s nothing going on in Cancer transiting right now, but if you happen to have a planet at around 11 or 12 degrees Cancer, it’s going to start operating. And I do. Of course. I have Uranus at 12 degrees Cancer, directly opposite my Sun at 13 degrees Capricorn, square my Moon at 14 degrees Aries and squaring Saturn, Neptune and Mars on my Ascendant. Oh yes and see that Uranus guy is forming a loose conjunction to my Midheaven.

I feel like a ping pong ball. And I’m used to this! I can see we may not have a peaceful weekend in the world as people start dealing with all of this tension. I lost it yesterday and I was forgiven and actually loved out of it. I hope that happens to everyone else. Being loved and loving is the only way to get through this cycle of Big Bang Planets.

There’s the potential for things to come up and be released and sometimes those are not good things. Still, they need to go and if you’re not working through them in mindful meditation they will come out the best way they can to wake you up. I had to quit processing my life today using my past in this life to judge it by. I actually just had to quit judging.

We’re all going to need a lot of love this next 7 days. Grab your partner, your best friend, your kids, your Mom and Dad and start hugging. We can get through this and when it’s over? Everything will be coming up roses.


Namaste, Jennifer



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