Attention – WATCH IT

Along with setting an Intention, you have to put some Attention on it. You can’t set that Intention and then ignore it. It is what you want, after all. And if you want it, THINK about it. How you want what you intend to happen, when, with who or just within you …….. get specific, the Universe loves directions.

At one point I was assisting a lot of lonely young women with their either failed, failing or non-existent love lives. I think it was a sign of the late 90s. I put it down to that anyway.

Very few young men came to me concerned about the relationships in their lives. Amazing, isn’t it? Anyway the young ladies were confused. They confused loving a partner, having a partner, with their lives being COMPLETED. With themselves totally fulfilled, with nothing else to desire.

They underwent a sea change during a reading with me, let me tell ya! We don’t do that subservient female, get me a man stuff in my house. Or my Universe. We do the GET YOURSELF TOGETHER, be something, be somebody, use your gifts, your talents, don’t worry about merging into a man!!!!!!!! You don’t have to have a partner to be COMPLETE.

LOL I scared them to death, I swear. On purpose. I felt like I was back in the 50s being told by my Sunday School teachers that I would marry and have several children and then I would be a woman of God. I said no thanks. I said get me out of this Church NOW. I AIN’T GOING BACK. NO.

My idea about my life? Me, independently earning all I ever needed, giving back to my community, in an equal partnership with a strong man if I found one, and not a big deal if I didn’t. (Reporting – I have found one but just recently).

Did I tell these young girls to lose weight, get their hair done and buy some new clothes? Shit no. I didn’t. I told them to get their butts back to school, find ONE THING they wanted to do more than anything else, concentrate on making themselves productive members of society, meditate, read, grow. Quit worrying about the man, or men or not having any.

And here’s a little known FACT. Once you quit putting your attention on an intention that is quite frankly, stupid, you will have more attention to spend on developing an intention that AIN’T STUPID. 

I’m going to assume that those of you reading this blog are already not doing what those young girls were doing, trying to merge. I’m going to assume you have more sense than that. And I’m going to assume your Intentions are manifesting in your life even as I type ……….. Namaste, Jennifer


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