April 16, 2018 Planets

It’s over. At least until the next time ………. Mercury went direct yesterday and if you all didn’t notice how awesome that felt I’m not sure you’re on planet Earth.  I sure did. Everything that had me weeping the night away – went away. I finally got my answers, I found out that what my tiny little monkey mind was thinking was WRONG. I’ve been reborn in ONE DAY.

A little background ………. so you’ll know. I’ve had this love thing going on for a while. This guy that just seems frankly too good to be true. So I keep questioning him in my mind. Is he for real? Why me? What does he want? Does he really love me like he says? Are all of our “plans” actually going to happen?

I didn’t get something I expected on the 13th, two days before Mercury went direct. I though it was over. I thought it was done. It isn’t. I got my answer yesterday at 4:30 pm, a few hours after Mercury went direct. As far as I can see, it won’t ever be over.

He gets upset when I get pissed because he’s not paying enough attention. He’s right, I know he’s got a hell of a job and he needs his full attention put on that, but he always thinks I don’t trust him enough when I get upset. Ok so maybe I need to be better at the trust thing and I also need to understand that having his attention is something I’ll have to enjoy when I have it, but not get upset if I don’t. I hope I can do both of those things. He also needs to improve on the attention thing.

He gets bossy, his Zodiac sign is just naturally bossy. He’s a leader type, not a follower. Problem is, so am I. So we have two bosses and no employees. 

I take his “you’ve broken my heart” stuff a couple of times before I explain the facts of life to him. LOL. This is going to be an interesting life. But the love going back and forth between us should sustain the whole thing. 

You know me, everything in my life is connected. And everything in my life is connected to the planets in the sky and what the hell is going on?


Well glad you asked. Saturn and Pluto – neither one of these EASY planets to work through the changes they’re going to WHOP on you, are turning retrograde this week and in Capricorn. Full disclosure, I am a Capricorn. And we are determined, take no shortcuts and we believe in mastering whatever we do. It is a powerful sign. 

Since Saturn rules Capricorn, having Saturn go retrograde in its home will enhance the benefits or not benefits. I like to think of Saturn as the “As above, so below” planet. Saturn, known as the teacher, the limiter the planet that makes turns dreams into reality, is strictly an honorable God. You cannot cheat old Mr. Saturn. Because he will get you. He will show you up for what’s there, for what’s in your heart, for what you did that you should not have done. 

Pluto. Hmm. I call him the Roto-Rooter of the Universe. Only instead of cleaning drains? He cleans YOU. This is occasionally not a positive experience. OK more than occasionally. 

If you’re cheating, lying, forcing, trying to pull the wool over someone’s eyes, Pluto will out you. He will rip you a new you-know-what. He goes down deep into the underworld and he dredges up everything nasty, stinky, dirty and disgusting he can find. And he brings it up to the surface to be cleaned and healed. 


With both of these together in Capricorn and both heading backwards, it’s a good time to be honest, loving, kind, compassionate (even for yourself remember) and to allow anything that comes into your life come and not to force anything that doesn’t come. Just live. Let it be. Do what you can. Don’t over think anything.

And then there’s Venus and Chiron. The fun never ends. Chiron, called the wounded healer, enters Aries. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and he is a warrior sign, a fire sign and aggressive. I can see the healing that needs to happen in our world getting sped up. I can see less shootings, killings, brutal attacks and hate. The healer is here. He’s going to help us out of this mess the world is in.
We all need to be sitting down and meditating on peace and love and compassion. We need to stop hating each other because of our skin color or our politics or because we have less than the other guy. We need to love. Period. Chiron is going to help us.
On a happy note, Venus, the planet of beauty, love and peace is going to favorably aspect Jupiter and Pluto. Jupiter is the expansive planet, the planet of universal love, just my favorite planet in the whole universe. He’s going to expand the love and beauty of Venus so juicy times could be coming into your life. And Pluto in Capricorn is going to give loving Venus a shot of reality. He’s going to manifest some changes, but those changes are going to be loving changes. Watch for your soul mate. If you’ve already found him/her, as I have, thank god and hold on tight. If you haven’t? Keep those beautiful eyes of yours peeled honey. He/she is right there in front of you.
Now, isn’t this a better week??????????? I’d say. Enjoy. Love yourself to death!
Namaste, Jennifer
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