4 May 2018 May the Fourth Be With You

I always check the skies before I write anything. The planets now are grouping in signs between Taurus and Scorpio. The Moon, Saturn, Mars and Pluto are all hanging out in Capricorn, showing the world how to do it right. LOL. Sorry just stuck that in since I’m a Capricorn.


Uranus and Mercury are in Aries, squaring Pluto, Mars and Saturn and shortly the Moon as she moves further into Capricorn. Jupiter is hanging out in Scorpio, not real comfortable and opposite Venus in Taurus. 

With the exception of the North Node of this moment’s chart, everything is ‘trapped” between Jupiter and Venus. The North Node is showing the only way out of this trapped chart. And that is through 9 degrees Leo conjunct the descendant of the chart.

Leo’s are brash, young, excitable, full of vigor and ready for adventure. The North Node is what we come to do in this life. The North Node in this chart is aspected only by the Sun and Venus. It is square to the Sun which means there are challenges to be met. And it is sextile Venus, a nice comfortable aspect that means, yes this is good, but you have to work to activate the goodness.

The nature of the planets aspecting the North Node and the fact that it is conjunct the descent in the 7th house, tells me that this week will be all about befriending others, helping those less fortunate, giving a smile instead of a frown to everyone you meet, being loving and giving and kind and compassionate.

That’s the way through this chart. That is how the other planets will operate in a supporting role to the need for our world to heal, and I’m not talking about oceans here, I’m talking about people. How people need to express compassion and love and stop with the hate and violence. We have had enough of that. It is time for us all to love, if not each other, at least love ourselves. Because without compassion and love for ourselves, we can help no one.

Namaste, Jennifer


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