25 April 2018 Mars and Pluto Woo Hoo

What Mars and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn have to do with Big Water is absolutely nothing. I just like the picture, OK? Been getting some snotty comments. Here’s the deal, you want to read this, read this. You want to make intelligent comments? Make them. You want to show your ass? Go somewhere else. Seriously.

And that, folks, is Mars and Pluto in Capricorn. Me, telling it like it is, as always with Mercury in Sagittarius. I won’t ever lie or mince words, what you hear is what I’m saying, take it or leave it.


Mars and Pluto are both aggressive AND intense. Either some stuff is going to explode revealing a blessed new way of life behind it, or you’re going to explode thereby ruining any chances you had by opening your big mouth and sticking your foot in it. So watch it. Let stuff explode, you? Keep your temper under control this week no matter what it takes. You want to spout off? Stick your hand in your mouth and bite down real hard. The world doesn’t give a flying you know what and you will only harm your prospects in love AND war.

Sunday you can switch gears and go play with your SO somewhere private. Don’t have a bed buddy yet? Don’t worry. Look around Sunday, do some comparison shopping if need be. That buddy is right there in front of you.


A word of caution about this week. There could be some nasty news on the airwaves. As nasty as usual or even more so. And watch your money this week. Keep speculating if your gut feels it, otherwise? Just let it sit there and grow for a couple of weeks. No rush to make your second million, is there?

Namaste, Jennifer

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